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Mallawindy: A Mallawindy Novel 1
Author: Joy Dettman
Publisher: Pan Australia
ISBN: 1742623824
Pages: 385
Year: 2007-11-10
View: 566
Read: 248
The first novel by the bestselling author of the Woody Creek series "We ride the crests and troughs of the Burtons' 30-year history with open mouths and saucer eyes ... Dettman is an adept storyteller" The Age Ann Burton was born on a river bank the night her father tried to burn their house down. Six years later her sister Liza disappears while they are staying at their uncle's property. What Ann sees that day robs her of her memory and her speech. Ann escapes her anguished childhood, finding love and a new life away from Mallawindy. But there is no escape from the Burton family and its dark secrets. Ann must return to Mallawindy and confront the past if she is ever to be free. PRAISE FOR MALLAWINDY "A highly competent and confident debut novel" Sunday Telegraph "A compelling story ... it holds promise of further enthralling fiction from its author" Canberra Times "A rich and engrossing read; a tale of page-turning suspense and mystery ... Mallawindy will grab you hook, line and sinker" Queensland Times Fans of Rosalie Ham's The Dressmaker will love Joy Dettman.
Yesterday's Dust: A Mallawindy Novel 3
Author: Joy Dettman
Publisher: Pan Australia
ISBN: 1741971144
Pages: 401
Year: 2007-11-10
View: 677
Read: 166
In the 1990s, the Burtons are surviving as best they can, but Jack Burton continues to control his fractured family even in his absence. John has returned to Mallawindy unable to forgive his father and haunted by vengeful thoughts. Ann has three young sons and is soon to have another child, but still grieves for her firstborn daughter, Mandy. When the river disgorges what appears to be Jack's body, the family's tumultuous history is stirred up again. The eagerly awaited sequel to Mallawindy continues the story of how even those who escape the town have to fight to escape its dark legacy. 'At the heart of this absorbing the writer's ability to interweave the country-town propensity for rumour and allegation into a gothic narrative... Yesterday's Dust is lightened by its pinpoint descriptions of people and places, as well as the occasional touch of humour, some of it with a country flavour and some delightfully black'–AUSTRALIAN BOOKSELLER AND PUBLISHER Is there such a thing as winter beach reading? If so, Joy Dettmans' Yesterday's Dust fits the bill nicely... an author who's well in tune with her subject and audience–WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN
Henry's Daughter
Author: Joy Dettman
Publisher: Pan Australia
ISBN: 1743345666
Pages: 408
Year: 2007-11-10
View: 583
Read: 477
From the bestselling author of Mallawindy and the Woody Creek series comes a story of love and rescue "The narrative is achingly engrossing" Weekend Australian She had felt a sad pulling feeling in her stomach that day as the car had driven off, like there was a bit of elastic tied around her insides, sort of joining her to those brothers like it went right through that door, and as the car had driven further up the road, that elastic got pulled so tight, it hurt. Lori Smyth-Owen is balancing on the edge of adolescence but feeling years older. She has eleven brothers, nine living at home and the twins, who were stolen by Aunty Eva ... which was lucky for them because there is never enough of anything to go around, except Mavis, Lori's mother, who is so overweight she can barely move. That doesn't stop her plotting to get those twins back. She'll do anything to get them home. Then tragedy strikes and the Smyth-Owen children take desperate measures to save themselves ... and in so doing, discover that blood ties mean everything. PRAISE FOR JOY DETTMAN "Dettman writes compulsively readable stories" The Age Fans of Rosalie Ham's The Dressmaker will love Joy Dettman.
Jacaranda Blue
Author: Joy Dettman
Publisher: Pan Australia
ISBN: 1743345674
Pages: 408
Year: 2007-11-10
View: 233
Read: 821
From the bestselling author of Mallawindy and the Woody Creek series "Dettman ... is brilliant at depicting the seemingly inconsequential murmurs of small-town life" Sun-Herald For forty-four years Stella Templeton has been a dutiful daughter and a good citizen, living in Maidenville, population 2,800 where nothing happens. Until one hot summer afternoon. An ugly act has lifted the respectable skirts of Maidenville and mystery starts to surround the daughter of the local minister. Then the disappearance of a sixteen-year-old boy adds to the neighbourhood confusion. Does something rotten lurk behind the neatly trimmed hedges and white picket fences that divide this sleepy town? No-one comes close to knowing the dreadful truth-but after forty-four years of doing the right thing, Stella Templeton is starting to blossom... "Dettman writes compulsively readable stories" The Age Fans of Rosalie Ham's The Dressmaker will love Joy Dettman.
Pearl in a Cage: A Woody Creek Novel 1
Author: Joy Dettman
Publisher: Pan Australia
ISBN: 1741987555
Pages: 576
Year: 2009-10-01
View: 364
Read: 833
The first book in the dark and addictive Woody Creek series from bestselling Australian author Joy Dettman "Dettman writes compulsively readable stories" The Age Spanning two momentous decades and capturing rural Australia's complex and mysterious heart, Pearl in a Cage is unputdownable. On a balmy midsummer's evening in 1923, a young woman - foreign, dishevelled and heavily pregnant - is found unconscious just off the railway tracks in the tiny logging community of Woody Creek. The town midwife, Gertrude Foote, is roused from her bed when the woman is brought to her door. Try as she might, Gertrude is unable to save her - but the baby lives. When no relatives come forth to claim the infant, Gertrude's daughter Amber - who has recently lost a son in childbirth - and her husband Norman take the child in. In the ensuing weeks, Norman becomes convinced that God has sent the baby to their door, and in an act of reckless compassion, he names the baby Jennifer and registers her in place of his son. Loved by some but scorned by more - including her stepmother and stepsister who resent the interloper - Jenny survives her childhood and grows into an exquisite and talented young woman. But who were her parents? Why does she so strongly resemble an old photograph of Gertrude's philandering husband? And will she one day fulfil her potential? "Joy Dettman is a natural-born storyteller whose dark tales of rural life are addictive ..." The Age Fans of Rosalie Ham's The Dressmaker will love Joy Dettman.
Thorn on the Rose: A Woody Creek Novel 2
Author: Joy Dettman
Publisher: Pan Australia
ISBN: 1742620930
Pages: 513
Year: 2010-05-01
View: 258
Read: 1022
The second book in the dark and addictive Woody Creek series from bestselling Australian author Joy Dettman "Dettman writes compulsively readable stories" The Age Spanning a momentous wartime decade, Thorn on the Rose is the spellbinding sequel to Pearl in a Cage It is 1939 and Jenny Morrison, distraught and just fifteen years of age, has fled the tiny logging community of Woody Creek for a new life in the big smoke. But four months later she is back - wiser, with an expensive new wardrobe, and bearing another dark secret... She takes refuge with Gertrude, her dependable granny and Woody Creek's indomitable midwife, and settles into a routine in the ever-expanding and chaotic household. But can she ever put the trauma of her past behind her and realise her dream of becoming a famous singer? Or is she doomed to follow in the footsteps of her tragic and mysterious mother? "You can't fail to enjoy this portrait of rural Australian life in the wartime years with its many sorrows, joys and challenges." Woman's Day Fans of Rosalie Ham's The Dressmaker will love Joy Dettman.
One Sunday
Author: Joy Dettman
Publisher: Pan Australia
ISBN: 1743345682
Pages: 372
Year: 2007-11-10
View: 1014
Read: 1130
From the bestselling author of Mallawindy and the Woody Creek series "an intriguing read that transcends genre and could be the genesis of a great Australian movie" Weekend Australian Early one Sunday, the town of Molliston wakes to the news that a young bride is dead. The year is 1929. The Great War with Germany has been fought and won, but at an immense cost to the small community. Death is too familiar here. So many sons were lost. So many daughters would never be wives; so many grandchildren would never be born. Racial hatred is like a bushfire in the belly of some. And the dead girl is found only yards from the property of old Joe Reichenberg, a German. Tom Thompson, the local cop, lost his two sons in Gallipoli. He believes he has come to terms with his bereavement - until that Sunday. Slowly, the true face of Molliston is exposed. By midnight, a full moon is offering its light - and a glimmer of hope. "Dettman writes compulsively readable stories" The Age Fans of Rosalie Ham's The Dressmaker will love Joy Dettman.
Goose Girl
Author: Joy Dettman
Publisher: Pan Australia
ISBN: 1743345658
Pages: 408
Year: 2007-11-10
View: 261
Read: 378
From the bestselling author of Mallawindy and the Woody Creek series comes a moving story about being set free. "Dettman knows how to tell a story" The Sunday Age Sally De Rooze is almost thirty. She survived the accident that killed her father and brothers. Her mother never forgave her for that. But she survived her mother too. Surviving is what she does best. Farmer Ross Bertram, who offers her his acres and safety, is the answer for a while. Until he starts pushing for a wedding. Sally wants ... wants more. Wants to know great love. Wants to find herself. One year. That's what she wants. One year of freedom in the big, bad city. Her survival skills are tested in the urban sprawl and she discovers more about herself than she had ever dared to imagined. Fans of Rosalie Ham's The Dressmaker will love Joy Dettman.
Ripples on a Pond
Author: Joy Dettman
Publisher: Pan
ISBN: 174261387X
Pages: 503
Year: 2014
View: 1036
Read: 1221
The old timber town of Woody Creek has a way of getting under people's skin... But as the clock ticks over to 1970, Georgie's determined that the new decade will be the one that sees her finally break free of it. For Cara, Woody Creek will forever be tied to a devastating mistake that cannot be undone. She's vowed never to set foot in the place again. Meanwhile, Jenny's estranged son, Jim, has inherited an estate in the United Kingdom and is trying to make a new life for himself. If only he could shake off his one terrible attachment to Australia. As Woody Creek draws Joy Dettman's much-loved cast of characters back into its grip, confessions, discoveries and truths seem certain to explode in the most shocking of showdowns...
The One
Author: John Marrs
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1488084874
Pages: 412
Year: 2018-03-01
View: 783
Read: 532
“A shock on every other page.” —Wall Street Journal “Just try to put this gripping thriller down once you pick it up.” —AARP How far would you go to find The One? A simple DNA test is all it takes. Just a quick mouth swab and soon you’ll be matched with your perfect partner—the one you’re genetically made for. That’s the promise made by Match Your DNA. A decade ago, the company announced that they had found the gene that pairs each of us with our soul mate. Since then, millions of people around the world have been matched. But the discovery has its downsides: test results have led to the breakup of countless relationships and upended the traditional ideas of dating, romance and love. Now five very different people have received the notification that they’ve been “Matched.” They’re each about to meet their one true love. But “happily ever after” isn’t guaranteed for everyone. Because even soul mates have secrets. And some are more shocking than others… A word-of-mouth hit in the United Kingdom, The One is a fascinating novel that shows how even the simplest discoveries can have complicated consequences.
Moth to the Flame
Author: Joy Dettman
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1466825170
Pages: 512
Year: 2011-03-01
View: 1015
Read: 594
In 'Thorn on the Rose', after trying and failing to make it on stage, the dazzling young songstress Jenny Morrison returned to Woody Creek. With her two small children, she sought refuge with the indomitable town midwife, Gertrude Foote. There, she rebuilt her life, and eventually fell in love with a local lad, Jim Hooper, bearing him a son. But WWII loomed and Jim had to leave to fight the Japanese. In 1943 he was listed 'missing in action'...'Moth to the Flame' picks up this epic story and we see Jenny bravely moving on with her life. She takes refuge with Ray King, a slightly sinister, stuttering boy who disappeared from Woody Creek as a teenager but has now reappeared. In return for regular 'wifely duties', Ray offers Jenny and her three children sanctuary at his house in Melbourne.
Diamonds in the Mud and Other Stories
Author: Joy Dettman
Publisher: Pan Australia
ISBN: 174334564X
Pages: 232
Year: 2007-11-10
View: 1002
Read: 756
The complete short stories of the bestselling author of Mallawindy and the Woody Creek series "Pure brilliance. This is a book to keep and treasure - you'll want to read it again and again." Sun-Herald At the beginning of her writing journey, Joy Dettman's charming, irascible, melancholy, wisecracking characters appeared in over twenty unique tales, many of which have won awards, many of which have never been published. Now, for the first time, Diamonds in the Mud and Other Stories is the complete collection of Joy Dettman's exquisite short stories. We meet an old coot in a rusty ute who picks up a hitchhiker, a neighbour reaches across the language divide to lend a helping hand, a grave digger might just have saved a young man's life, an exhausted farmer's wife lusts after a china cup, Granny Jordan is losing her marbles and an author is troubled by rats under the floorboards. Since Joy's first novel, Mallawindy, was published in 1998 she has attracted a growing number of readers who are entertained and shocked by her array of unforgettable characters populating the Australian landscape. "Dettman writes compulsively readable stories" The Age Fans of Rosalie Ham's The Dressmaker will love Joy Dettman.


Author: Richard Bach
Publisher: Dell Publishing Company
ISBN: 044020562X
Pages: 378
Year: 1989
View: 1330
Read: 787
In his latest novel One, phenomenally bestselling author Richard Bach asks the questions--what if we could meet the people we are destined to be in twenty years? What if we could confront the people we were in the past, and those we are right now in parallel lifetimes, in alternate worlds?
The Mindfulness Journal
Author: Corinne Sweet, Marcia Mihotich
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 075226561X
Year: 2014-11-20
View: 162
Read: 1168
In today's busy world, finding physical and mental space for peace and calm amidst the competing demands of work, family and friends can be a challenge. Mindfulness is a simple and powerful practice that can help you cut through the noise and reclaim tranquillity, wherever you are. The Mindfulness Journal offers an introduction to mindfulness and easy exercises that can be done whether you are sitting at your desk, squeezed on to a crowded train, or standing in line at the supermarket. This beautifully illustrated journal is your indispensable companion to a more peaceful, stress-free day.
The Reef
Author: Di Morrissey
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1466809787
Pages: 640
Year: 2012-01-06
View: 1303
Read: 305
THE NATIONAL BESTSELLER WITH MORE THAN 100,000 COPIES SOLD IN TRADE PAPERBACK On a small coral cay on the Great Barrier Reef two communities come together in an uneasy alliance: a tourist resort and a scientific research station. At first glance, the island is a sexy resort, a naturalist's dream, a diver's delight. But the island holds secrets and dangers as Jennifer Towse soon discovers. When world-famous Isobel Belitas arrives, Jennifer learns to see the world – above and below the sea – very differently. Isobel also teaches her to come to terms with her obsessive mother, as well as her disintegrating marriage. But no one, not even investigative journalist Tony Adams, could have prepared Jennifer for the stunning revelations of what is really happening on this island paradise…

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