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Mein Herz in deinem weiten Land
Author: Sanna Seven Deers
Publisher: Knaur eBook
ISBN: 3426427222
Pages: 240
Year: 2015-05-22
View: 864
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Mit Anfang 20 ist Sanna unglücklich mit ihrem gutbürgerlichen Leben in Hamburg – bis sie sich Hals über Kopf in den kanadischen Indianer David verliebt. Anfangs spricht alles dagegen: Er ist sechzehn Jahre älter, sie eine "Weiße" aus Deutschland. Niemand kann sich vorstellen, wie dieses ungleiche Paar jemals miteinander glücklich werden könnte. Doch schon bald merkt sie: David ist die Liebe ihres Lebens. In ihrer stimmungsvollen Autobiographie erzählt Sanna Seven Deers von ihrer mittlerweile 17-jährigen Ehe mit David und dem gemeinsamen Leben mit den vier Kindern auf einer abgeschiedenen Ranch in der kanadischen Wildnis. Dabei entführt sie ihre Leser nicht nur in die unberührte Natur, sondern auch in eine Welt voll Abenteuer und indianischer Mystik.
The White Rose
Author: Bruno Traven
Publisher: Synergy International of the Americas
ISBN: 1934568260
Pages: 220
Year: 2007-06
View: 578
Read: 1088
A monumental confrontation in the 1920's between a ruthless robber baron owner of a USA oil company and a Indian Mexican farmer (steward/owner of the White Rose hacienda). A clash of two cultures, total exploitation for maximum profit vs. reverence for the land and what flows from it. As in this novel: We all are poor people, delight in the machine, in the airplane, the radio precisely because we have lost our attachment to the soil. This loss leaves us apathetic and distracted. That's why we need gasoline - to anesthetize us, to make us insensible of our loss, of our pain, gasoline that deludes us with speed so that we can flee all the quicker from ourselves and the needs of the heart. A Collector's Edition
A Time to Act
Author: Shana Corey
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0735842752
Pages: 56
Year: 2017-04-04
View: 739
Read: 1124
"Acclaimed author Shana Corey and New York Times Best Illustrated artist R. Gregory Christie deliver a fresh look at Kennedy, underscoring the greatness and fallibility of our leaders and how each one of us, no matter who we are, have the power to make a difference. With quotes from JFK's speeches, detailed back matter, and a thought- provoking author's note, this biography offers a sensitive account of a tumultuous time in history and compelling questions about effecting positive change today"--
Cat and Fish
Author: Joan Grant, Neil Curtis
ISBN: 1894965140
Pages: 32
Year: 2004-11-20
View: 330
Read: 634
Cat and Fish, the most unlikely of friends, introduce each other to their very different worlds, which leads to trouble and forces them to find a way to celebrate their differences and remain friends.
Author: Marita Lorenz, Ted Schwarz
ISBN: 0747515719
Pages: 272
Year: 1993
View: 527
Read: 862
The daughter of the German captain of a luxury cruise liner and an American actress, Marita Lorenz became Fidel Castro's mistress in 1959 when she was 18. She bore Castro's son and was recruited by the CIA to assassinate the Cuban dictator, a task from which she drew back at the very last moment. By then firmly enmeshed in the American intelligence network, she worked for the CIA, often reluctantly, for the next 25 years; among her bosses were E. Howard Hunt and Frank Sturgis. With Sturgis in Dallas on the evening before Jack Kennedy was murdered, she met Jack Ruby and a man she later realized was Lee Harvey Oswald.;Now aged 53, Marita tells her story, portraying with passion and candour her relationship with the Venezuelan dictator, Marcos Peres Jiminez, her testimony at the Watergate hearings and her return to Cuba, Castro and her son.
The Princess of the Moor
Author: Eugenie Marlitt
Pages: 640
Year: 1872
View: 719
Read: 244

Killer, Come Hither
Author: Louis Begley
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 0553392441
Pages: 272
Year: 2016
View: 303
Read: 961
"Jack Dana is a star history student at Yale with a bright career ahead of him. But after 9/11, he feels it is his duty to change course, and enlists as a Marine infantry officer. Severely wounded in combat, he writes a novel about his wartime experiences while surgeons patch up his pelvis. With the help of his uncle Harry, a partner in a leading law firm and Jack's surrogate father, he quickly finds a publisher and is soon embraced by the New York literary set. Jack leaves for a three-month trip to South America, and is shocked upon his return to discover that his beloved uncle Harry has killed himself and was found hanged in his Sag Harbor summer home. Horrified and incredulous, Jack digs into the facts surrounding his uncle's death. Aided by Harry's most trusted associate, Kerry Black, with whom Jack falls in love, Jack discovers that Harry had pierced the secret of his most important client, Abner Brown, a right-wing multibillionaire notorious for backing extremist causes. The stakes and dangers are huge. Harry's death now seems anything but a suicide. And in order to avenge his uncle, Jack might have to circumvent the law and take matters into his own hands."
Second Chance Pass
Author: Robyn Carr
Publisher: MIRA
ISBN: 0778315711
Pages: 409
Year: 2013-11-26
View: 876
Read: 167
The good folks of Virgin River decide to meddle in the lives of widow Vanessa Rutledge and former Marine Paul Haggerty when these two stubborn individuals need help realizing that they are perfect for each other.
Inside the Space Ships
Author: George Adamski
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 178912090X
Pages: 173
Year: 2018-03-12
View: 555
Read: 1188
What has happened to George Adamski since he wrote the famous incidents in Flying Saucers Have Landed? Since the memorable November 20, 1952, when he first made personal contact with a man from another world? Since December 13, 1952 when he was able to make photographs within 100 feet of the same saucer that had brought his original visitor? Inside The Space Ships is Adamski’s own story of what has happened to him since then. It begins with his first meeting, a few months later, with a second man from another world—his first meeting with one who speaks to him. This second visitor brings him to a Venusian Scout (flying saucer) and this, in turn, brings him to a mother ship. Later lie is conveyed in both a Saturnian Scout and a Saturnian mother ship. Adamski tells us what transpires in these space craft and what the men and women from other worlds have told him. Adamski’s photographs of flying saucers, originally published in Flying Saucers Have Landed, have since become world-famous as other witnesses in other parts of the world have succeeded in taking photographs identical with his. Now, however, in Inside The Space Ships, Adamski gives us 16 photographs and illustrations, no longer of Scouts (flying saucers) mostly, but of the great space ships from which they are launched. The main group of these photographs was taken in April, 1955, and neither the photographs nor a description of them has ever been published before.
The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight
Author: Thom Hartmann
Publisher: Random House Australia
ISBN: 1742747329
Pages: 336
Year: 2011-11-30
View: 671
Read: 301
A call to consciousness that combines spirituality and ecology and offers hope for the future. As the world's population explodes, cultures and species are wiped out, and we have now reached the halfway point of our supplies of oil, humans the world over are confronting difficult choices about how to create a future which works. Thom Hartmann proposes that the ony lasting solution to the crises we face is to re-learn the lessons our ancient ancestors knew - lessons that allowed them to live sustainably for hundreds of thousands of years - but which we've forgotten. Hartmann shows how to find this new and yet ancient way of seeing the world and the life on and in it, allowing us to touch that place where the survival of humanity may be found.
Mission Pilot
Author: Eileen E. Lantry
Publisher: Pacific PressPub Assn
ISBN: 0816318700
Pages: 175
Year: 2002-01
View: 591
Read: 1082

Kalkuliertes Abenteuer
Author: Karolina Dorothea Fell
Publisher: Metzler
Pages: 375
Year: 1998
View: 508
Read: 328

My Love Story
Author: Tina Turner
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501198262
Pages: 272
Year: 2018-10-16
View: 1167
Read: 982
Tina Turner—the long-reigning queen of rock & roll and living legend—sets the record straight about her illustrious career and complicated personal life in this eye-opening and compelling memoir. From her early years in Nutbush, Tennessee to her rise to fame alongside Ike Turner to her phenomenal success in the 1980s and beyond, Tina candidly examines her personal history, from her darkest hours to her happiest moments and everything in between. My Love Story is an explosive and inspiring story of a woman who dared to break any barriers put in her way. Emphatically showcasing Tina’s signature blend of strength, energy, heart, and soul, this is a gorgeously wrought memoir as enthralling and moving as any of her greatest hits.
Black Robe
Author: Brian Moore
Publisher: Head of Zeus Ltd
ISBN: 1786695022
Pages: 256
Year: 2017-11-02
View: 702
Read: 1075
Laforgue felt his body tremble. What can be keeping them? Has the Commandant refused? Why has he not sent for me? Is this God's punishment for my lie about my hearing? Father Laforgue, an idealistic Jesuit, embarks on a desparate mission to relieve an isolated priest in danger of his life in the wilds of seventeenth-century New France. Black Robe is a tautly suspenseful tale of physical and spiritual adventure, and a meditation on good and evil in the human heart. With an introduction by Colm Tóibín.
My Secret Unicorn: Twilight Magic
Author: Linda Chapman
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141916141
Pages: 160
Year: 2006-01-05
View: 851
Read: 600
A new adventure starring Lauren and her magical pony, Twilight who turns into a beautiful, snow-white unicorn when Lauren says the magic words. There's great excitement at the stables - a beautiful mare called Apple has just had a foal! The new foal is gorgeous and seems to be watching Lauren with a very wise look in his huge eyes. Lauren's excitement is spoiled when snooty Jade Roberts turns up. Jade goes to Lauren's school and used to be Twilight's owner but she sold him because he was too quiet and dull. Lauren, of course, knows better... That night Lauren and Twilight visit the foal in secret. Suddenly Twilight hears a noise and they find Jade up to no good. Apple, fiercely protective of her foal, is frightened and angry at Jade's intrusion. Even though she doesn't like Jade, Lauren knows she has to do something to help. Lauren and Twilight make a daring rescue to save Jade who has to admit that she may have been wrong about Twilight after all. Later, Lauren and Twilight discover the reason for Apple's over-protectiveness - that maybe, just maybe, Currant is a new unicorn, but they'll have to wait at least a year to find out...

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